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The Hominids’ Christmas Crisis!

Some humans of the museum come together to prepare for the upcoming Mind S-Cool Workshop, Paskong Pinoy. Our resident hominids got curious and started sniffing around the workstation. They reported smelling scents that remind them of previous Christmases when the humans would bring kakanin to share with everyone! They were surprised to learn that the kakanin the humans are making this time is not for eating. Let’s follow along with their adventure to see what this kakanin is for.

The Homo sapiens say they are planning to do a Christmas workshop. We are excited! There used to be lights and food in the museum during Christmas. We love lights and food. We miss dancing and laughing with the Homo sapiens. We ask them if we can join but they give us a funny look. We are not sure if they understand us but we are looking forward to Christmas and the workshop!

We saw the materials coming in. We tried to poke and sniff before the Homo sapiens arrived. A day later, the museum smells sweet, like the desserts they usually bring! The desserts they used to give us are purple and yellow and brown and white. They taste really good and we eat a lot. The Homo sapiens call it “kakanin”. They come wrapped in banana leaves. It hurts when it is too hot and we bite into it but it is worth it. We hope that they will make kakanin!

We see the humans begin to pack. We offered to help them but we did not understand their instructions! We thought we were gonna make food! We spilled the fragrant oils and the thing they call Epsom salt. The Epsom salt did not taste nice. We do not recommend it. The other powders were also not very tasty, not like sweet desserts at all! We heard the humans say “bath bomb”. We do not know what that is. We see them mixing the powders and forming them into fragrant, colorful balls. They resemble the kakanin we used to eat during the holidays. They take it away from us before we can bite into them!

We see them drop the balls into a bowl of water and something happens: the ball makes bubbles and the water seems to boil with color! It is amazing. We jump for joy. The Homo sapiens tell us that the fizzing is because of something called a “chemical reaction”. We do not know what a chemical reaction is but we are happy that it happens, like Christmas!

We may not have eaten the bath bombs but the bubbles are delightful and the room smells like the kakanin we love! Maybe we should join the workshop that the Homo sapiens are planning so we can make our own bath bombs and watch them bubble over and over.


Curious about the workshop the Hominids are talking about? Get your very own PASKONG PINOY Bath Bomb Kit and join us for a fun Christmas-themed workshop on December 18, 2021!

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For more information and to register, please visit:

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