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Learning does not only exist but can now flourish in two worlds: the physical and the virtual. Both worlds are connected and filled with adventures but each is unique in their own contribution, in how we can be better humans in the many roles we have in our lives. In moving forward, people have always relied on the two greatest human traditions throughout history: the sciences and the arts. 


The Mind Museum (TMM) and the BGC Arts Center (BGC AC), including the BGC Public Art Program have always championed the sciences and the arts and their junctions, in their physical facilities. TMM , from its conception in 2007, to its launching identity in 2012 to its evolution to date, has always been a product of both the scientific and artistic imagination of the teams of scientists, artists, engineers and business people behind it. The BGC AC and the Public Art Program have always seen, at its core, the imperative to champion artistry – the power of creative human expression across art forms – to enrich and expand the breadth of community life.


MIND S-COOL is the digital parallel universe of what TMM and BGC AC have always stood for  -  a marketplace of science and art ideas for everyone. It is the kind of school that has no borders and where the disciplines interact and collaborate not jut video lessons. It is for everyone, across age groups and across all walks of life. This marketplace is animated by these “Science and Art Suites”:

A family educational show about how things are connected across the sciences and the arts. This year, Mind S-Cool TV partnered with Cignal TV, the country's #1 Pay TV provider in the Philippines with its nationwide coverage and availability serving over 3 million subscribers.  

Catch Season 4:   

One PH Ch. 1, SUNDAYS, 11:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Streaming for FREE on Cignal Play 

Subscribe to Mind S-Cool YouTube channel to watch full episodes!

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Mind S-Cool TV

Mind S-Cool TV

About Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc.

Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. (BAFI) is a nonprofit organization that champions the arts and the sciences to elevate community and national life. It has three main projects: Art BGC, The Mind Museum and the  BGC Arts  Center. 


Art BGC’s mission is to infuse everyday experiences with creative art that transforms the public perception of space. The urban landscape is a canvas rich with outdoor sculptures, mural gems,  and eclectic street performers.


The BGC Arts Center is the premier home for the performing arts in Bonifacio Global City. Its mission is to promote the breadth and depth of Filipino artistry. It is a creative space for local and international productions as well as a learning center to nurture homegrown talent.


Science comes alive in The Mind Museum, the multi-awarded and globally recognized science museum that is building a culture of scientific literacy in the country. 


BAFI is committed to ensuring that the arts and sciences form pillars of community life, and in so doing, distill the best possibilities for nation-building.

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