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Conceived and created by The Mind Museum, Buhay is a Save Biodiversity Card Game that explores different local species and the roles they have in our ecosystem! Play the game and protect the species from threats all around them.


Learn how to play The Mind Museum’s newest card game.

  • What is Buhay?
    Buhay is a Save Biodiversity Card Game where players get to play as Wildlife Watchers. The goal is to form connections between the different species in Buhay. You will also learn about a species’ interesting quirks, and protect it from threats like poachers and damage to their homes. It was designed by the people of The Mind Museum.
  • What makes Buhay unique?
    Buhay features animals and plants which can be found in the Philippines. Some of them are only found in our country! We can learn more about them and how we can also play a part in protecting them.
  • How do you win in Buhay?
    You win Buhay by being the first player to build an ECO-NNECTION. An Eco-nnection consists of two Species card with two Trait cards each, and connected by a Habitat card and a Link Card.
  • What’s included in the box?
    Each box contains one game manual, 24 Species Cards, 50 Trait Cards, 8 Link Cards, 8 Habitat Cards, 35 Win Cards; and 15 Loss Cards.
  • Who can play Buhay?
    We recommend that Buhay be played by individuals ages 12 years and older. However, even younger people can play Buhay as long as they understand the rules.
  • How many players do you need?
    You can play Buhay with a minimum of two players, and go all the way up to four players.
  • How long does it take to play? Is there a time limit?
    A game of Buhay can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on how familiar players are with the game. There is no time limit for Buhay. A winner is determined when someone forms an Eco-nnection. The game can end after meeting that condition. However, the remaining players can keep playing to see who can form another Eco-nnection.
  • How much is one set?
    Each set costs Php 900.


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