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Celebrating Ten Years of Fueling Passions and Moving Minds

Our Mind Movers wiring the Human Brain exhibit a few days before opening

A few hours before we opened to the public in March 16, 2012, all of us still wore our dusty “construction” clothes, troubleshooting last minute and wondering what people will think of what we have finally come up with, 5 years since we started planning, constructing and programming a science museum that Filipinos deserved.

The Mind Museum was created from purely private donations, from companies and

individuals, who were committed give the first generation of Filipinos, access to a way of looking at the world through one of humanity’s greatest traditions: science (from the Latin “scire” which means to know). It is a museum of what we know about nature (which includes us humans), how we know what we know (process of discovery and verification) and what we do with what we know (applied science and technology.) That is why we call it

“The Mind Museum”.

Ten years have passed since our opening. We have served over 2 million people not just in

the museum but through our programs across the country. We would like to think that we

helped move minds as we shared with them the story of this human enterprise that

embrace discovery, reasoning and persistent hardwork that did shine in every exhibit,

program, event or post we shared with the public.

Knowledge and understanding evolve. So should a museum that champions it. That is why

we will keep wiring and re-wiring the “mind” of the museum to reflect a rapidly changing

world. We hope to connect with your minds in this tremendously exciting journey.


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