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Aedi and Mimo’s Day Out

Today, Mimo and I did the ArtBGC Tour. It was so exciting because it was the first time we went out of the museum since the pandemic started! I rode my bike while Mimo wheeled his way beside me.

Mimo: beep beep boooop bibibip booboop *ha ha ha ha*

Mimo! You were only faster than me because I was trying to cycle safely. I was only holding myself back you know.

We saw all the ten featured artworks around BGC. They were all so beautiful and meaningful. I really like interpreting the art and making meanings out of all the lines, shapes, and colors that make up every artwork. Mimo, on the other hand, cannot make sense of any of the works, I think he was just not programmed that way. All he cared about was the materials used and marveling at how the artworks still look very nice even after years of being exposed to the weather.

We had a hard time looking for some of the murals. I think that’s because our eyes are just a little different from a real human’s eyes. But that did not stop us from looking for all the artworks. We were like treasure hunters out on an adventure! I think my favorite work is the ‘Kasalikasan’ garden. I love how it is a living, breathing sculpture what with all the plants in the area. I always like to visit green pockets in the city. My ThermoScanners always go down and I always feel cooler when I’m under the shade of trees.

Mimo: beep boop baboop baboop bibip beeeep boop boop

Mimo said that his favorite artwork is ‘Kasaysayan Bawat Oras’. He said he loves how it is made of metal but still effectively shows the movement of the human forms, and the grace of the sun rays. He also said that the artwork is super functional! You can actually tell the time based on the shadow cast by the sun rays.

During our ArtBGC Tour, we even saw the new murals in the neighborhood! Some were actually still in the process of being made. They were all so stunning and I was inspired by the talent of all the artists! In fact, I started designing my own mural. I wonder if the humans will allow me to paint it on the tallest building in BGC? Oh, that would be lovely!

After our tour, we decided to sit for a while at the Sun Life Amphitheater to wait for the sunset. It was super duper nice being with humans after almost two years! I think they were a little shocked to see two robots out and about but the kids were really excited. I would have played with them but we still need to practice social distancing. We don’t know how the virus affects robots so it’s better to be safe!

While we were there, Mimo and I started talking about Art Mart. We really miss going to Art Marts in the past because it widens our understanding and appreciation for art. We love seeing all the ways humans found to express themselves, and talking to the artists is always educational for us. It would be very nice if we can do it all in person again soon!

Mimo: BEEP! BEEP! Bababoop beep boop bibip beep beeeeeep

Yes, Mimo, I was getting to that! Mimo said that just as we were reminiscing about our Art Mart adventures in the past, he spotted some of the humans at BGC Arts Center making preparations for an outdoor event. We got excited so we approached them to ask…

And guess what?! They were making preparations for a live, in-person Art Mart that is happening really really soon! I started jumping up and down and Mimo started wheeling in circles when we heard this news! They said we could invite artist merchants to join the upcoming Art Mart so what are you waiting for? You can submit your application now so you can be part of BGC Art Mart. Everyone is also invited to visit! You can see and buy many different forms of art from original prints and paintings, handmade accessories, crafts, textiles, mixed media pieces, and many more! Not only will you see beautiful art pieces but you will get to meet the artists behind these works! Art Mart will be happening on December 11-12 & 18-19, Mimo and I will definitely be there so see you then!


Enjoy a Creative Christmas and be inspired by our homegrown artists at #BGCArtMart!

BGC Art Mart is free and open to the public!

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