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Taste the insight from a fruit brand partner of The Mind Museum

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Being a brand partner of a science and art organization means that Locally gets a chance to shape and influence education and culture beyond sales. Our brand was launched not only as an answer to our consumers’ needs but also to be part of their lives by driving growth and awareness for our local Philippine fruits and farming industry.

We push for our own local fruits because they are not only good for you but it is also good for the community, too. It is unfortunate that most Filipinos would enumerate western fruits like apples, oranges, as top of mind answers, when our country has such amazing fruits like our Dalandan, Guyabano, and Mangosteen to name a few, and which can definitely hold their own in terms of deliciousness!

It is in this spirit that we tied up with The Mind Museum for science activity sheets for school children and science videos for the whole family and. We believe that these relatable and universal languages help unlock the magic of our local fruits for both kids and adults alike. Filipino fruits are known for their health benefits and delicious taste. We wanted to impart the interest and joys of savouring the grainy sweetness of the Chico and the buttery delights of the Durian. We want to spark wonder from the multi-seeded Atis and the scale-y skin of the Dragon Fruit that houses a succulent ruby interior that can be used in art. We want to empower them with fruity

knowledge that helps them boost their immunity in natural, delectable ways through the tart brightness of the Calamansi, the Dalandan, and the Bayabas. I’m sure had they known these things, everyone would be scrambling for Filipino fruit!

We hope that together with The Mind Museum, trusted by the public with facts, we are able to impart knowledge & love for our own. Cheers to a better fruiture!


Check out our Mind At Home: Fantastic Fruit series in partnership with Locally for fun fruity facts & experiments with our resident scientists!

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