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Speedy & Bouncy: Our friends from the Blueprint World!

We asked our new friends Speedy and Bouncy about their breakout roles and experiences working on Mind S-Cool Online Season 3. Learn what their favorite things are in filming the latest season, and get to know them more outside Mind S-Cool as they share what they love doing behind the scenes and the hobbies they picked up during the pandemic.

Hi, Speedy and Bouncy! What is your favorite part of doing Mind S-Cool Season 3? Do you have a favorite episode?

Speedy: I love zooming around kaya paborito ko po every time I get to ride different cars and rides— like the rollercoaster and the sports car! Episode 3 po ang paborito ko kasi gustong-gusto ko talagang gumagalaw at gumagawa ng maraming activities. In this episode I got to go on rides and do cliff diving! *zoom zoom*

Bouncy: My favorite part is having the chance to share physics concepts with all our S-coolmates. Getting out of my comfort zone by going on adventures and doing stunts really challenged me, but I enjoyed every moment! Episode 6 is my favorite! I’m glad I got the chance to literally bring my cooking skills to the table by making sopas and hot choco! It’s so amazing how we can use heat to prepare food.

Do you have a favorite experiment that you did during this season?

Speedy: The rubber band car that Mind Mover Christer made was so cool! Wala siyang battery pero umaandar talaga siya! Gusto ko sana sumakay kaso di ako kasya. Bouncy, gawan mo ko ng malaking rubber band car! *zooooom*

Bouncy: I’ll make you one, Speedy if you make me an anti-gravity bucket like the one Mind Mover Megan used, but big enough that I can ride in it! That’s my favorite experiment. I like doing that in front of my friends because it always amazes them that I can “defy” gravity. Imagine their reaction if they see me riding in one!

Those experiments sound super exciting! What’s it like working with the Mind Movers for this season of Mind S-Cool Online?

Speedy: I love playing with them behind the scenes and laughing at their bloopers (Ang dami nilang bloopers every episode!). Gusto ko pong nakikipaglaro ng mataya-taya sa kanila kasi walang nakakahabol sa’kin! I also play pranks on them by hiding their mics and props around the set. *hehehehe*

Bouncy: I love it every time we test the experiments! Sometimes, the experiments fail and the Mind Movers get upset. It can be frustrating but it’s fun when we correct our mistakes and get the experiments right after several tries! In one of the upcoming episodes, we had a really hard time making the electricity experiments work that we had to reschedule filming the episode! It can be annoying but we all know that’s just how science works.

It seems like you guys have so much fun on set! But what else kept you busy during the pandemic? Any new hobbies that you guys picked up?

Bouncy: I recently learned how to cook and bake! I particularly enjoy making kakanin. My favorites are pichi-pichi and pandesal. Speedy says I’m a great cook. He usually finishes everything before I get to taste them though.

Speedy: Eating good food! Gusto ko pong kinakain ‘yung mga niluluto ni Bouncy! Masarap po ‘yung sopas niya lalo na pagkatapos kong mag-swimming o maglaro sa playground dito sa Blueprint World. I also conquered my fear of cliff diving ever since we did it on episode 3 kaya naman sinusubukan ko pong tumalon sa mas matataas na cliffs!

Thank you for doing this interview with us, Speedy and Bouncy! Please invite all our S-coolmates to watch Mind S-Cool Season 3!

Speedy: Hi, S-Coolmates! Pwede niyo na pong mapanood ang Mind S-Cool Season 3 dito sa Mind S-Cool website! Watch me zoom around our Blueprint World and do stunts and tricks with Bouncy! Sobrang saya to be part of this season so I hope you watch and learn a thing or two about physics from us!

Bouncy: Mind S-Cool Season 3 is all about force, motion, and energy. So make sure you have the energy to watch us and the Mind Movers have fun while explaining physics! We really made sure to keep it simple and easy to understand for everyone. I hope we all use everything we learn this season to be a force for good both here in your world and in our Blueprint World!

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