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Science and Communication at a Crossroads

I have always had this secret love for science.

I knew I had that little scientist in me. As someone who graduated from a science high school, I have been exposed to all kinds of science stuff. From taking up special science subjects, to laboratory work, to research – I have lived up to the role of being a sci-high student by doing good in this field. However, despite that, I never had the chance to pursue a degree in science because I was too afraid that it might not be for me.

It has always been one of my biggest what ifs, so you can only imagine my excitement when I was told that I am accepted to work as an intern in the organization behind The Mind Museum! That secret love for the sciences was ignited once again.

My whole internship journey has been such a rewarding experience. As a Mind Mover intern, I was able to participate in various passion projects and workshops of the organization. I also got to understand the nitty-gritty of developing lesson plans and worksheets, along with Mind S-Cool episodes which hope to make distance education still exciting as we move on to the new normal. More importantly, it was very enriching to work with communities, particularly teachers. I was made aware of the realities of their profession, and I am glad that the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. (BAFI) fosters a collaborative environment with them to empower and make the students’ learning experience better.

With all these, I am glad that I became a part of BAFI. This internship experience allowed me to go back to things I knew I always loved. I never thought science and communication can come at a crossroads but working as a Mind Mover intern proved that it could. In some way, I get to live my what if. I am more inspired today knowing the fact that what I do can build bridges between science and the people. After all, that is what science should be, it speaks truth to empower – science is for people.


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