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MICROBES: Looking Through A Different Lens

Did you know that the human body contains trillions of microorganisms, outnumbering our cells from 10 to 1? Even microbes residing in our gut can make up a whole metabolic organ! Have you ever thought that viruses, although may cause diseases, are not alive? Truly, the world of microbiology is so complex that there are still areas remaining to be explored.

One might wonder why scientists are so interested in microorganisms since they are too small to be seen by the naked eye. They may be hard to observe but growing them in petri dishes and viewing them under the microscope will introduce you to their colorful and diverse nature! Nowadays, microbial art is a trend to exhibit the interesting world of microorganisms. To achieve this, scientists must know the size, shape, and color of microbes, as well as the appropriate culture medium to grow them. Not only is art an expression of scientific knowledge, but it also allows the public to view science in a whole new perspective.

Through the years, I have been partnering with The Mind Museum, and more recently with MIND S-COOL, to educate kids about viruses, pandemics and outbreaks, and gut microorganisms. These subjects might be too hard to learn, but combining science and art makes them attractive and exciting! Creating projects and interactive exhibits help the kids see and understand the complex world of microbiology. Science through art also helps me think outside the box and create an output that leaves an impact for everyone.

As a teacher, it is exciting to see future scientists from the younger generation explore the vast world of microorganisms. The world is our laboratory and our classroom!

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