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Living Out Little Dreams

Growing up, I was one of those kids who constantly changed her dream job. I wanted to be a chef, a doctor, an author, and even a scientist. Later on, I got into a number of hobbies that tapped into what I thought was my previously non-existent creative side. I began to consider if I could do something connected to that while still working in the field that I love- biology. There were all these possibilities that I wanted to explore, but reality hit hard and at one point, I was resigned to the idea that I would be tied down to a single job with a sure set of responsibilities.

Things pretty much changed for me when I became a part of The Mind Museum team. All the dreams that I had put on hold were suddenly laid out in front of me once more. I didn’t only find a hub where I can share my love and knowledge for the sciences, but I also found space to actually make art! I get to use my knowledge to create narratives that tell the story of life, through the lens of science. Not only that, but I also get to do numerous creative projects and explore the science behind them! As time goes by I get a deeper sense of appreciation for both the arts and the sciences and how they cannot be isolated from each other, especially when it comes to showing each one to the world.

Every single day for me in the Museum is a new adventure, an opportunity to don a new hat and fulfill a little dream. One day I am a scientist, another day I am a detective, and another day I am a crafter! Working on Mind S-Cool Online has allowed me to talk about my beloved Biology while going on adventures inside and outside of the human body. We also get to see the links between arts and the sciences through the work of wonderful artists which use the natural world as both their medium and source of inspiration. In The Mind Museum, we champion the arts and the sciences, but above all, we champion dreams and possibilities.

Catch the premier of Mind S-Cool Online Season 2 next week as we explore life in all its shape, sizes, and form! Sign up now and catch the first episode of Mind S-Cool Online Season 1 for free!

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