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Inside The Mind Museum’s ‘What is Nature? Everything is!’ Augmented Reality Book

Get to know some of the people who designed and produced The Mind Museum’s Science Wonder Kits and ‘What is Nature? Everything is!’ Augmented Reality Book. What are their favorite things in coming up with the educational materials? What was it like transforming the museum experience into something you can unbox at home? Find out from The Mind Museum’s former resident chemist, Fred Yu!

The creativity and creative freedom [are my favorite parts about coming up with the Science Wonder Kits and ‘What is Nature? Everything is!’ AR Book]. Not only did I get to tell science stories in two very unique formats, but I also got to include a ton of science-y easter eggs for learners of all ages (special thanks to the team for encouraging this hehe). I got to express how our world is connected, how wonderful it is, and how we simply cannot allow ourselves to exist apart from it.
Making a science kit was a personal goal when I joined the Museum back in 2018. Back then, you didn't really find these sorts of things locally-made and curated. As for the augmented reality book, it is our love letter to science enthusiasts and artists of all ages. I'm very proud to be its author and I couldn't have asked for a better team to really bring it to life - visually and especially in augmented reality.
From concept art with my less than stellar drawing skills to video calls for troubleshooting R&D and the AR concepts to editing pixel by tiny pixel, The Sky Above, The Earth Below, and “What is Nature? Everything Is!” embody what inspired me as a scientist and creative. If you're reading this article today, I whole-heartedly invite you to experience not just your run-of-the-mill educational products, but a truly creative endeavor into science and nature.
- Fred Yu, RCh.

The ‘What is Nature? Everything is!’ augmented reality book allows you to explore the themes and topics of the Mind Museum even if you cannot visit it in person. You can enjoy over 20 augmented reality pieces and watch them come alive right before your eyes! With ‘What is Nature? Everything is!’ AR book, you can choose how to begin your nature adventure:

You can start by exploring the bizarre world of the very small! You can learn all about the atom, the basic unit that makes up all the things around us, and how almost everything that happens everywhere involves these tiny, tiny particles.

Or maybe you want to start by looking into life, which are just atoms arranged in special ways that make them conscious and alive! Meet some of the smallest and strangest critters, and make friends with a gentle giant of the sea.

Or you can begin by going back in time to see dinosaurs from long ago! Learn how we can study them today and see how our Earth changes through the billions of years it has existed.

Or maybe what you want is to start your adventure from outer space! You can try to grasp just how big the universe is and learn about our neighbors in the solar system. Meet an astronaut and a robot both working to help us understand what is out there.

Lastly, you can begin by looking into the future! Learn all about how we use science to make our lives easier and better. But in doing this, we sometimes forget to take care of our planet, so learn how we can become better at making better choices!

Special thanks to The Intentional Artist (@the_intentional_artist) for some of the pictures in this article.


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