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Science Communication has always been close to my heart ever since I was a kid. If you were to ask me what Science is, I would have told you all things colorful, even if you would consider a color dull; all things grand, even the tiniest of specks or particles known to humans; and all things beautiful (which everything is, in their own right). Growing up, I’ve always wanted to share scientific knowledge to those who want to discover new things. I kind of saw myself as an adventurer who goes on to discover new frontiers of knowledge and then sharing those discoveries back home!

Being an intern at The Mind Museum has definitely allowed me to take a step closer towards that dream. If I could sum up my internship experience in three words, it would be enriching, fulfilling, and humbling. During our seven-week-stay, we were immersed in the process of producing and evaluating educational materials that would supplement students’ learning experience. Apart from this, we were able to expand and deepen our knowledge on different topics! We were constantly learning about new things that are related to the materials we were tasked to produce.

This internship also allowed me to realize and recognize the hard work of our educators, especially our school teachers. During our internship we were able to listen to their stories and their experiences on adapting to the remote learning setup. They also brought up the need for supplementary materials that would help learning be more conducive and more fun.

One more thing that I enjoyed is the creative and collaborative space within the organization! Ideas are always shared and discussed, and the passion for involving people through Science is very moving (pun intended). Being called a Mind Mover Apprentice is definitely cool. Can you imagine how my younger self would be in awe, knowing that his future self would be called as such?

With this, I could say that this internship with The Mind Museum has been a truly wonderful experience.


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