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A Gateway to a Bigger Stage

I passed by a busker in High Street, named Prince Valencia. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, I want that! So I tried, I emailed BGC Impromptu and August 1, 2014 was my first busking experience! Ang saya! I'm currently pursuing my career in the Music Industry, thanks to BGC Impromptu. It was a life-changing experience for me! Busking in High Street has convinced me that I need to share my songs. It's a safe place to share what I love doing, to sing and share my original songs. It was amazing! So glad to be back after a year of "resting".

Honestly, I almost quit. I learned that the more I feel like quitting, the more reasons I have why I need to continue. I have a message to share, eh. Lalo sa panahon ngayon, there [is] no stage, no shows para makatugtog and share our music, but thanks to busking I can still sing and perform. I love you busking!!!

[Last year], I learned that music is for me. I am 101% sure now that it is for me. So glad I found busking. Busking in BGC led me [to] where I am right now, and I'm just getting started.

I need to finish my #100daysofBusking. I'm currently on my Day 57. I released Pangarap ni Eloisa EP back in 2016. I also released the Pag-asa ni Eloisa songs (it's on Spotify), and this year, I will release Pag-ibig ni Eloisa.

I write most of the time. It can be about anything. I always have a pen and paper with me.

Busking has always been my practice for a bigger stage. I think the most obvious evolution I had was being Eloisa, the normal employee [to] Eloisa, the singer-songwriter. I became more confident in singing in public. Partnering with these organizations can help us find a home, a support system, or platform that helps us grow our craft. Will be forever grateful for BGC Impromptu.


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