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When Nature Blooms in the City

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

My art style is very rooted in culture and nature. I feel that when I paint spaces or murals, I really enjoy adding elements that visually evoke peace or calm in an already hectic world. When you grow up in a city surrounded by walls, buildings, and ads, public art depicting nature and “enlightened” elements is a very welcome break from all of that. I feel that my art is always evolving depending on where I have traveled, what I have eaten, who I have connected with, and what inspires me or what is currently happening in the world today. I have lived all over and I am continuously learning and soaking up whatever is healing and positive for me and that reflects in my art as it grows and flows out of me. I think right now we have all learned to adjust and try new things and we are each trying to figure out how to exist in this new situation that the world is going through. With not being able to be outdoors as much or do events with Live Art and connect with people as I usually do, I am doing a lot more digital art at home, curating and working on my personal space, and also taking more time to plan what to paint next when I am finally able to spill all of this creativity out of my head and back onto the city walls once again. The Inspiration for my “Mother Nature: Four Seasons” mural in BGC was to bring bits of nature, good energy, spirituality, light, and Filipino cultural elements into the cityscape. Something for people to walk by and enjoy, connect with and give them some positive energy to get through their day. I saw each “season” as a color and as an animal and a Diwata(goddess) and I tried to bring that to life visually. It was the first time BGC and BAFI collaborated with a Graffiti/Street Artist for a public art piece and I felt really honored to be a part of that moment and platform to share my craft. I had such an amazing time spending a week painting every day, and meeting and connecting with people passing by. Some people had never [seen] a mural or painting being created before let alone a giant one with spray cans. It was a very great way to share my art with the city and with the people who inspire me.

I always love painting live at events and in new spaces. The Mind Museum is a favorite place of mine since I love learning, experimenting, and playing with things. Mixing science and art is something I have always done since the other half of my art style is mechanical and futuristic, which is such a stark difference from the natural and “organic” side. Everything is all about balance, and when I do Live Art, I get to play with the duality of that, also being able to paint and focus on creating but also talking to the people that are watching, and vining out on all the things taking place around me that end up being a part of the art itself.

I’m just taking time to reflect and really see how and where to share my art next. I am always on the search for new places and spaces to turn some of these ideas in my head into murals or new concepts. For the new year or in the future I actually would really like to give new life and colors to “Mother Nature: Four Seasons” mural as it has seen about 8 or 9 seasons of its own and Mother Nature herself has added her style of natural elements to my art piece. I also want to be able to create more accessible art for the people who need it, and can’t get out to be creative as much or be around art as much, like DIY Paint kits, Coloring Books with my art in them, or just other creative outlets for people to enjoy and to keep their inner creatives alive.

The best part about being a partner of these amazing organizations is getting the support and freedom and platform to create and uplift people with my craft and creativity. I believe as artists we have this unspoken responsibility to help people and get people through things. Whether it’s inspiring them, making them forget their problems, or making them remember, it’s all about being able to connect with people that need art in these kinds of hard times that we all go through and I am lucky to be able to get the opportunity to do that through doing events, public art and just being supported and asked to work on things that others will see and hopefully they enjoy and it resonates with them to either create themselves and go out and support other art and artists.


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