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What An Eye-Opener

I’ve lived with animals all my life, but I never quite understood some things about them. Take a look at dogs: a small Chihuahua and a large Golden Retriever are members of the same species! Plants are sort of a polar opposite story. While they may all look the same from afar, they couldn’t be even more different when you look at them up close. Growing up, I saw firsthand how nature has been creatively (and randomly) evolving them to better adapt to wherever they live.

Wait a minute; creativity in the sciences? Isn't that a skill in the arts?

I always saw the sciences as structured and rigid, like how the scientific method was like a recipe that always churned out results no matter what happened. The arts for me were more free-flowing, energetic, and more willing to take risks than its counterpart.

Since I joined BAFI, I realized that the sciences and the arts couldn’t be even more intertwined than I first thought. Working both behind and in front of the cameras for Mind S-Cool Online, I experienced the sciences and the arts working hand-in-hand; they’re two sides of the same coin. It takes an insane amount of creativity to present topics about life in a fun and visual way. At the same time, behind the scenes, we take editing as a science down to the details not easily seen.

Working with the MSCO team has been an eye-opening experience into how the arts and sciences can come together for and towards a better normal. We hope you join us in our nature adventures in Mind S-Cool Online Season 2!

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