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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

I fell in love with science in Grade 1 when I learned about our neighboring planets in the solar system, and again in Grade 4 when I discovered how our carbon dioxide waste is life for plants and that we would not survive without their oxygen! I learned that the kind of relationship where different species such as a plant and human benefit alike, was called “mutualism” and it later became one of my favorite words. Growing up, it has always baffled me why some people do not like science!

It turns out that there are very complicated reasons why some are not interested in science; and there are even those who go one step further to try and discredit it! Working for the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. (BAFI), an organization whose mission is to promote science and art, has been eye-opening for me in terms of learning more about these reasons and more importantly, how to address them and help people become more curious and inquisitive about the world, two of the main ingredients that drive science and art forward. One of the best things about it is I get to work with some of the most creative minds I have ever met and it always pushes me to be better.

And the best part? I get to do this in the most fun ways possible! Through song and dance, games and tinkering, even camps and sleepovers! Science is everywhere and we only need a bit of imagination to come up with ways on how to connect and enjoy it. And yes, I still get to do this even during a pandemic. With MIND S-Cool, the new educational program of BAFI online and on TV, I can continue my passion of bringing science closer to people even from a distance.

Join me, in my COOL adventure investigating what makes up the physical world - MATTER! In each episode of Mind S-Cool Online - Season 1, The Mind Museum's resident scientists, will delve into K-12 science concepts and also explore art topics through hands-on projects and tutorials.

Catch Episode 1 for FREE, now available in SIGN UP NOW!

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