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The Behind the Scenes Purpose

The fields of science and art have always been of great interest to me, so you might imagine how excited I was to be spending my summer interning at The Mind Museum. Anyone who’s visited the museum will be met by a spectacular scene of towering dinosaurs, planets that illuminate the surroundings, and spaces where one’s imagination can run wild.

My experience as an intern further fostered my appreciation for the institution because I was able to witness how the cogs behind the museum functioned not simply for the sake of functioning, but spun together with a purpose greater than the height of any dinosaur fossil, fueled by a light brighter than any star or planet. It can be easy to get lost in the technicalities of science and in the techniques and concepts that surround the arts. Working as an intern for The Mind Museum gave me the opportunity to delve deeper into the concepts and terms that I’ve been memorizing for years as a student. Suddenly, these were no longer mere ideas that existed in my brain but evolved into tangible, real-life material that had the potential to make a real difference for teachers and students. As I produced worksheets, handouts, and videos, I was motivated by the purpose of it all. My leaders throughout the internship program modeled this perfectly. It was never about creating the most visually appealing episode, or the most informative episode. Ultimately, the conversation would always root back to whether or not this was what the teachers and students needed.

This learning is one that I will carry with me wherever I end up. Should it be in the field of science, arts, or something on the opposite side of the spectrum, I have learned to remember the true purpose behind the projects that we pursue and the lives that these projects have the potential of changing.


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