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Rekindling Passions

‘Why Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc?’ It was a question that has struck me for a long time before and even after getting into the internship program of Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. It was a question that I could not answer articulately in all honesty. All I knew was that I wanted to work for the organization because this is where I will be challenged a lot and this is also where I will learn the most. I felt that the organization will help me reignite the passion I had for communication and the arts that I started to question when the pandemic broke out.

The past two months have been meaningful for me as a Mind Mover Apprentice. Working for BAFI in the middle of the pandemic was truly a unique experience. It made me reflect on the role of science communication in our society and what I can do as a development communication practitioner.

Yes, I may have always heard and talked about the importance of science communication inside the classroom but being immersed in the actual work made me appreciate it even more. Creating lesson plans and handouts for the learners allowed me to realize how big my responsibility is as a science communicator. It is in my hands how the students will be able to appreciate and understand the lesson based on the educational materials that I helped come up with.

More importantly, my internship in the Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc. helped me reignite the passion I have for the arts. I was able to prove to myself that the arts will always be part of my and everyone’s lives. I saw how there will always be art in science and science in art.

At the end of my internship, I can finally answer why I chose to become an intern here. It is because I started as a wide-eyed first year development communication student who believed that she can incorporate art in her devcom work and my time with BAFI proved that I can actually do it.


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