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Rediscovering Creativity

I am a geologist and growing up, science has always been my rock! Science has just been one of the biggest things in my life - I loved it as a kid, I studied in a science high school, even took it up in college. While studying science, no one discouraged me from being creative. It was just very easy to forget that you can also be creative while learning about the laws of motion, chemical reactions, paleontology, stratigraphy, and all the cold “hard” facts.

Here at The Mind Museum, our creativity is constantly being pushed to present science in many interesting ways. Even more so now, that we have to present it to you while you are in your homes. One thing I realized being in BAFI is that creativity lives both in the sciences and in the arts, and when you recruit it to champion both, there is no mountain high enough. Not even the pandemic.

Join me, in my COOL adventure to explore the wonderful connections of art and science by making creative projects using materials you can find at home! In each episode of Mind S-Cool Online - Season 1, The Mind Museum's resident scientists, will delve into K-12 science concepts and also explore art topics through hands-on projects and tutorials.

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