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No Art is Too Small

This week’s Insider’s Look is a conversation with miniaturist and watercolor painter, Dinna de los Reyes. We talk a bit about her love for tiny, handmade worlds and her efforts to grow the miniature and watercolor art scene in the country, even during the pandemic. Her advice to aspiring artists just go for it, because no art is too small to be seen or appreciated.

How did your journey start as an artist? What first drew your interest from Really Tiny Elephants to your miniature work now?

Really Tiny Elephants started as a showcase for my miniature collection, elephants among them, and I am an interior designer by profession so I'd like to think that my craft evolving into miniature work is a marriage of two things I'm very passionate about.

What has kept your creativity flowing during quarantine at home?

I am actually part of a nationally recognized watercolor guild where we do classes, exhibits, and contests regularly. It has kept me connected, grounded, and creative which I'm very thankful for. One of my works for this group was recently featured by a well-known bakery as well. You might have seen it while buying pandesal in the mornings.

I also started Miniature Enthusiasts Ph on Facebook, a group where like-minded artists and fans can come together to appreciate miniatures. We share our works and tips to help the Philippine miniature community grow. We actually just passed the 17K member mark!

What would you say to your younger self, in starting a journey as an artist?

The best way to start is to just go for it as soon as possible, even when you don't think you're ready!

Tell us about your journey at BGC Art Mart! What led you to become involved in Art Mart and other projects with BAFI?

I started in 2017 when I would sell my very humble, handmade pieces during Art Mart. BAFI supported me from the very beginning by continuously inviting me back each year since. I was also fortunate enough to get invited to the Mini Maker Faire where I joined during the two consecutive years it was on. I actually won the Organizer's Choice Award my second year back!

Any upcoming projects that we can look out for?

I have a few things I'm working on but I'm most excited about my miniature studio in the works where members can contribute content and display/showcase their actual minis/art.

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