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Inside Viral Times

We ask the people behind Viral Times: Vaccines what their favorite parts are in doing the comic series. Check out their answers and learn a thing or two about the creative process that went into making Maritess, Susan, and Cardo come alive!

"There’s always a challenge in translating the science into something that both fascinates and raises awareness over the issues at hand. Some days it feels like a puzzle to solve how to relay these messages effectively. Viral times gave me the opportunity to read and nerd out about viruses and disease. Reading the latest trends and developments in the field kept me on my toes because information and innovation continue to evolve.

Resolving these conundrums together with Mario and Myle really helped me grow and refine the way we create these narratives. I love the process of making the content with Mario because we go back and forth with funny pegs and even chat about public health issues along the way. Seeing it come to life through Myle’s amazing illustrations is such a heartwarming experience as well. Maritess, Susan, and Cardo (plus our lovable Bantay!) have really come a long way! I love seeing them reflect our current conditions and the thought process of the everyday people trying to sail through the pandemic tide."

-Aby Napenas

"My favorite part definitely was making the illustrations for the series. The presentation of the illustrations is quite challenging since we want our audience to have a good grasp of the importance of vaccines, or how they work, or the things to expect once they get one. Mario and Aby have put so much effort into the content and they gave me a lot of ideas on how to present a certain topic visually. I truly enjoy working with them because they make sure that everyone can understand the issue at hand.

I always do get excited whenever I receive the scripts because you get to meet other characters aside from Maritess, Susan and Cardo. There's always something new to learn whenever you meet the new characters, whether it's Maritess' brother or the group of white blood cells fighting the virus. It's something I look forward to with every issue."

-Myle Villareal

"The process of creating every issue is definitely the best part for me in doing the series; from researching each topic to translating that into scripts and graphics, and seeing them come alive with Myle’s illustrations. I really enjoyed reading about the topic for the week, marveling at the science, and thinking of creative ways to present it to the audience.

My favorite issue has got to be Issue # 3 where we talked about the efficacy of vaccines. Efficacy is not the easiest thing to understand so it was the most challenging to discuss and illustrate, but because of that it was the most fulfilling and I’m quite proud of what the team was able to come up with!"

-Mario Salazar

Catch the fun comic series of Maritess, Susan, & Cardo, and their fun learning journey about the COVID-19 vaccine in Viral Times: Vaccines.

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