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Inside The Mind Museum's Science Wonder Kit: The Earth Below

For the next few weeks, get to know some of the people who designed and produced The Mind Museum’s Science Wonder Kits and ‘What is Nature? Everything is!’ Augmented Reality Book. What are their favorite things in coming up with the educational materials? What was it like transforming the museum experience into something you can unbox at home? Find out from The Mind Museum’s former exhibit engineer, Souichi Takahama!

My favorite part of coming up with the Science Wonder Kits I would say would be the whole process, from conceptualizing, to fabrication, up to the sealing of each kit. The team I worked with has created each piece of the science kit with the purpose of allowing the users to learn, and at the same time enjoy the experience in the comfort of their homes.
Being able to lead the project allowed me to collaborate, enjoy and experience the design process with my teammates. Despite the conflicts and challenges, such as the shift to online meetings or changing quarantine protocols, we were able to fully accomplish the kits. Thanks to the help of my team and our in-house staff who worked hard despite the pandemic. I was so eager to finish the kits that sometimes I would bring home the materials so I could continue working and testing the parts. I’d even work on them secretly during our online meetings so I can complete them and assure that the users would have an amazing experience while building them.
Overall, I would say that I miss the experience of making the science kits for you. I hope that you continuously support the museum so that we can create more projects for you in the future.
- Engr. Souichi A. Takahama

Science Wonder Kit: The Earth Below is the baby sister of the museum’s Earth Gallery. It was designed and produced by the same people behind the exhibits and educational programs of The Mind Museum. Learn about the planet we call home and the events that make it an amazing world with 5 hands-on activities included in the kit, plus a sticker set to add in the fun!

Fossils are the preserved remains of plants and animals buried in the earth. They give us a glimpse of what our world looked like thousands and even millions of years ago. Become a paleontologist for a day and unearth fossils with Dino Dig!

A volcano is a crack on the Earth where lava, rocks, and gases escape. When a volcano erupts, the molten rock and other materials show us what is inside of the Earth! Build your own volcano and make your room glow with the Volcano Lamp.

Crystals are solids composed of highly organized constituents. When you look at them very closely, you can see that the materials forming these crystals create beautiful patterns. Grow your own dazzling crystals to see these patterns come to life!

Big movements in the Earth’s crust make waves of energy that can make the ground shake! Have you ever wondered how tall buildings stay intact even during earthquakes? Simulate an earthquake and build a structure that can withstand it with the Mini-Shake Plate!

Hurricanes are rapidly rotating storms that form over warm waters. They produce fast and strong winds that can damage even trees and buildings! Learn how air pressure plays a vital role in a hurricane’s power with the Hurricane Maker.


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