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Inside Mind S-Cool TV Season 2

We asked some members of the Mind S-Cool TV production team about their experience in making season two of the educational television show. Learn what their favorite parts are from the new season and how they used creativity and imagination to tell the story of life and nature.

I enjoy the challenge of writing stories that are both engaging and informative. I find it fun trying to figure out the best combination of words, graphics, sound effects, props, and setting to make a concept come alive. That is why my favorite part of doing Mind S-Cool TV is stumbling on creative and resourceful ways to tell the story better! And it’s really fun when we stumble into these solutions as a team. To give one example, I enjoyed how the team meandered into the idea of me “transforming” into a bird to illustrate a concept. -Mind Mover Pecier, Host & Screenwriter

It was quite exciting to shoot in front of a green screen, and although there were restrictions such as we can’t wear any shade of green or a hint of it, obviously, and we didn’t have a lot of space to move around on, we still managed beyond what I could ever imagine. My favorite part was that there were endless possibilities with our new set. We could literally be anywhere at any time, and with the creativity of the production design team, we were able to build up worlds that highlight places where we did mindblowing adventures! -Mind Mover Mikee, Host & Screenwriter

Season 2 was a blast for me. I’ve been working as a Production Manager for quite some time now but Mind S-Cool TV has been a challenge, not only because it was conceptualized and executed during the pandemic but there’s also a need to keep up with the viewing culture of the audience—we need to come up with something that will pique their interest from start to finish. That’s also the very reason why I love working with the MSCTV team, everyone just keeps on inspiring all involved to do better and come up with exciting ideas. From engaging conversations in different locations around The Mind Museum in Season 1 to out of this world adventures using chroma keying in Season 2, everything is just so extra! Also, I get to voice and puppet Manong G! It was a first for me and honestly, it was very hard (shoutout to all puppeteers and VAs out there, you guys are phenomenal!) but I love me some challenges, so here we are. MSCTV inspires me to be a better version of myself, be it professionally or artistically, and I hope that we get to send out the same message to as many audiences as we can—for a better normal! -Rjho Dee, Production Manager, Puppeteer & Voice Actor

I love that we were given the opportunity to be more playful in producing Mind S-Cool TV Season 2 and have a new character, Manong G – the Mysterious Mover of Knowledge” – guide Pecier and Mikee on their quests. It truly is magical seeing lessons on complex subjects like geologic time, DNA, biology, ecology, the dynamics between nature and technology weaved into a fun, captivating narrative, going through the production and post-production processes, and seeing it all come to life on the screen. We were able to really stretch and bend our creativity and imagination in every which way to explore various portals taking viewers into a strange clock shop, a most amazing travel shop, a fascinating hidden book shop, all over the globe to see nature’s mind-blowingly cool talents, the bewildering material world, and the Wild-fi Café to experience the interconnections between life and technology. All this amidst the challenges of the pandemic, but also spurred by it. This season is another testament to great opportunities arising from a crisis. It’s my first time to direct an educational TV series - I couldn’t have asked for a better project and team. I learn so much from everyone every step of the way, and it’s such a joy to see improvements with each new episode and season. Excited for more seasons to come! Let’s keep exploring and learning for a better normal! -Mitzi Borromeo, Executive Producer, Director, & Screenwriter

Mind S-Cool TV Season 2 is made possible by Global Giving, 3M, Fluor Corporation, and supported by NutriAsia.


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