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Growing Up with a Museum Friend

I first saw the museum when it was still under construction about 9 years ago. I was four years old at the time, and I remember thinking, "Wow, it's so big!" I didn't think much of it then, until I went to see it after its official opening. The various galleries and exhibits captivated me completely. I was ecstatic to be inside the museum; it sparked my curiosity. Each exhibit brought me so much joy and made me a more active kid.

I had some memorable moments during my many years at the museum. Even before the opening of the museum, I used to volunteer at the events promoting the museum. I was the little kid wearing a TMM shirt, giving away the freebies and asking people to sign up. I was their little volunteer. I also used to be a model for the museum. I was able to take pictures with two of my favorite exhibits: The Static Ball and the Tunnel Craft. Putting my hair up was a lot of fun, and being in the dizzy tunnel was always a challenge. My experience as a Junior Mind Mover was both enjoyable and educational. In the lab, I recall being taught some basic forensics where we all became real-life detectives. I felt like a mini scientist on a mission. The Mind Museum Sleepovers were reminded me of the film "Night at the Museum." Visiting the museum late at night gave the impression that the exhibits were coming to life. Not to mention the thrilling missions we had in the dark.

Being the "Fun Manager" at the museum was one of my favorite memories. On the job, I got to see how the exhibits were made; from ideas to prototypes to the final product. I had a great time determining the "fun-ness" of each exhibit as well. There were even times when I was able to pitch my own exhibit ideas, one of which is now on display in the Technology Gallery. I was overjoyed to learn that I had contributed to the museum's diverse collection of exhibits.

I am honored to be a Mind Museum Kid. I wouldn't trade my childhood experiences at the museum for anything. The Mind Museum unquestionably increased my appreciation for and respect for science. Growing right alongside the museum sparked the little curious scientist in me.


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