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Finding sleep, building dreams

Is CoViD-19 keeping you up at night? Or worse, did you have bad dreams during this quarantine? If yes, you’re not alone. I also have trouble sleeping during these trying times. Even my waking moments are filled with worries and fears.

When the lockdowns began, The Mind Museum had to close its doors for the meantime. With the museum’s galleries empty, we knew that we would miss seeing crowds of kids who gasp at the sight of Stan The T-Rex or miss hearing families cry “Wooow!” as a big cloud covers the science demo area.

It was sad. But we have to stay at home to keep everyone safe.

As we counted the days of quarantine, our team met over Zoom calls to check in on one another. We shared similar stories of losing sleep and getting anxious. But in one of our meetings, we thought, “Hang on. Many at home probably feel scared too!” That question moved us to think of how we can share the assurance that science and learning can offer. Out of our passion to spark wonder even in the darkest times, we started Mind At Home where we get to do fun science activities with you and explore more science!

Since we launched Mind At Home, we have shared many great moments with you even through your screens. Over Facebook Live, we had fun performing experiments with you using materials from your kitchens. We also enjoyed showing you how to wash your hands properly. And we had fun playing the piano with citrus fruits with you.

Through our partners, we got to explore the science behind Wi-Fi and some cool physics concepts too!

And now, in partnership with Uratex, we are turning to science to explain the science of sleep. So, if you want to find out the answers to “Why We Sleep?” and “How Much Sleep Do We Need?”, join me at Mind At Home: The Science of Sleep. Maybe, knowing about sleep can help you get more Zzz.

As we start the new year, Mind At Home will stay true to its mission to guide you as you learn while having fun at home and continue to build dreams, and make them come true, for a better normal! And when the pandemic is over, we hope to see you back in our home, The Mind Museum, where science comes alive.

Subscribe to our Mind S-Cool YouTube channel to watch the Mind at Home: The Science of Sleep episodes & more fun science & art videos, and follow us on Facebook & Instagram @MindSCoolPh, your digital marketplace for science and art ideas!

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