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Finding a Place for Passion and Creativity

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Being involved with BAFI for the past few months has been inspiring and moving; both inside the foundation, and out within the community this organization supports. A personal goal when joining, was to learn how a local community art center advocates for creativity. The passion that both Mind S-Cool and BGC Art Center has is reassuring as there are people like the ones in this team, who want to showcase how living and learning with creativity benefits a community, and one's self. Everything they do, from working together, to developing the various projects, ticks off the elements of the creative process. This foundation truly is an example of what it means to champion the arts and science in our everyday lives.

What makes Mind S-Cool stand out, is that they advocate that it is possible to teach children about science, through art and imagination. No more is science daunting to students. They have successfully advocated that learning can be fun, engaging and successful through their episodes. While Mind S-Cool is to educate, BGC Art Center aims to be a community where artists of different kinds can showcase themselves freely. The Art Center has bridged the gap between artists and the public, by breaking down a wall through information, and active engagement with the artists they support.

In these months, I’ve learned that we cant merely strive on our own. There are thankfully organizations such as BAFI that are dedicated to embracing all the benefits creativity can have in our lives.


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