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Expressing Ideas Through Strokes And Colors

This week, let’s take an insider’s look at Japs Antido’s journey as a visual artist. Japs is behind the mural “Dating Tagpuan” that towers somewhere along 30th Street in BGC and the “jungle wall” at the Life Gallery of the Mind Museum.

How did your journey with Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc. start?

“I’m always fond of street art, I like seeing them in most public places. I saw these murals at BGC and wondered if I were one of the artists to create a mural what image would I paint. Then through Pinto Art Museum I heard that BAFI is looking for local artists to make murals. They recommend me to do one of the murals, of course I’m very grateful. The rest was history.”

What is the best thing about being a partner of a science and art organization?

“Working with BAFI and The Mind Museum is really a great experience. “Dating Tagpuan” is the biggest mural I have made so far. I learned a lot doing it. Met a lot of people and artist alike. It improved my art making process. It helped me grow as an artist and as a person.”

How is your relationship with your practice?

“I didn’t come from a well-off family so starting a career in art is very hard. But I know most artist struggled early in their artist life. I decided to pursue it given the hardships and risks, and eventually, with the support of family and friends, everything became better and manageable.”

How has your practice evolved?

“Everyone starts with learning the basics: drawing, sketching, color theory, elements of art, principles of design, etc. I started drawing cartoons, school projects, arts and crafts as a kid like everybody else. Then started joining art competition in high school and college. Luckily to have won some of them, it paved the way to meeting people in the art industry and galleries that host exhibitions for young artists. And now I’m still in my art practice professionally and full time.”

How have you drawn inspiration at home?

“I think surrounding yourself with people and things related to art will boost your creative burst. In my studio I usually place art books and a hoard of art materials so I can make art anytime I want and need to. I also listen to music and sometimes audiobooks while painting. But what I like the most is going out and traveling, I get more inspiration from it.”

What have you learned last year that you want to implement in 2021?

“Due to the pandemic we are required to stay at home, being an artist and working at home is not really a new thing, so nothing much is changed in my art practice. The virus has affected the whole world, and shown that we are fragile by ourselves. Being together and connected makes us stronger.”


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