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Exploring the History of a Filipino Dining Staple

As a Filipino company, it was important for us to pay homage to banana catsup because it is a huge part of the history and success of NutriAsia as the Philippines’ leading condiment maker. Several of our brands, like UFC, Papa, Jufran, and Mafran, offer this iconic Filipino product to delight the taste buds of millions of Filipinos who consider this as a staple in their dining tables.

Partnering with an art and science organization like The Mind Museum brought our vision of the world’s first and only banana catsup museum to life. Through their expertise, The Mind Museum made the science and history of banana catsup more concrete and relatable in a fun and engaging way for the visitors of The Catsup Museum. Our collaboration was a fun, memorable experience because they facilitated everything with ease and efficiency. Thus, we were able to immortalize our beloved condiment through a meaningful learning adventure that is enjoyable for kids and adults alike.

As guests walk through the four halls of the Catsup Museum, they are greeted by visual delights that help them get to know their well-loved catsup better. First, the History of Banana Hall takes them through the unique origins of the banana plant dating back to 8000BCE. Next, the Maria Orosa Hall pays tribute to the inventor of banana catsup, who came up with the recipe of this beloved kitchen staple amidst a war-torn Philippines. Through her efforts, she demonstrated the Filipino values of ingenuity, resourcefulness, and hard work, which also serve as guides for the directions NutriAsia takes as a company. This leads to the Manufacturing Hall, which offers an immersive experience of how banana catsup is produced. Lastly, the Banquet Hall wraps up the tour with its larger-than-life installations of food and banana catsup.

Apart from conceptualizing and building the museum, The Mind Museum also helped with our launch and road shows for tour operators to create awareness and bring visitors to the museum. To make the experience more entertaining for kids, they trained friendly guides who helped lead the tours. They also developed engaging worksheets to further enrich the Catsup Museum experience.

The Catsup Museum is truly a testament to how creative partnerships can turn science and history into captivating educational experiences that serve to encourage the love of learning and appreciation for our own unique Filipino history, culture. Together with The Mind Museum, we hope that we will continue to impart inspiring stories and amazing learning experiences that champion Filipino culture and history. It was an exciting collaboration that we are grateful for.


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