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Embracing Uncertainty

The night sky never fails to amaze me. For the longest time, it felt like it is the only constant thing that I have -- not until that day I thought that my dreams were like stars in the sky that are beyond impossible to reach. Growing up, everything was going according to plan, my life was smooth sailing, and I was a few years away from reaching my dreams, a few years away from being the person I’ve always dreamed to be, and suddenly, I wasn’t.

My dream of becoming a doctor died down for a while, and the sudden pandemic did not help in building that back. I was so lost and didn’t exactly know what to do; it felt like all that is left waiting for me in the future are uncertainties. But there is one thing that didn't die -- my fascination and love for science remained the same.

Fast forward to internship season, I honestly didn't have the motivation to push through with it, not until I saw the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. (BAFI) on the list of possible internship agencies. Never in a million dreams did I think that this could happen. Way back in 2013, I was just a kid roaming around The Mind Museum with pure amazement with how beautiful it is. Who would have thought that I’d be writing about it 8 years later?

I know that this is a very unusual and challenging time for everyone, and I am amazed how BAFI found a way to reach out to learners and teach about science and the arts in a fun, engaging way, despite everything that is happening around us. After all, it is our duty to serve the people, no matter what.

BAFI gave me a reason to dream again. I've never felt comfortable in an instant with people that I barely know, but BAFI felt like a safe space for me. Other than the learnings about science and the arts, BAFI taught me to be human -- they unconsciously taught me that it is okay to feel and take a break when things do not feel right, that there are countless tomorrows to pick yourself up after falling. Most importantly, I realized that embracing the uncertainties of the future isn't that scary at all!


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