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Curiosity Moves Minds

When I was a kid, my siblings and I would spend weekends at our grandparents’ homes. We would have a different art project every time, and doing something new always kept our curious minds and fidgety hands busy. I learned how to make plaster-cast figurines, tried gluing together notepads from scrap paper, and even learned how to do some gardening. It was only later in high school when I would learn the science behind drying plaster and glue and why some plants need more water or why some don’t grow in soil.

It was also at home where my aunts taught me the importance of understanding recipes—whether they were my Nana’s handwritten recipes, my Lola’s verbal instructions, or those printed on a box of commercial brownie mix—and making correct measurements so we’d always have something delicious and presentable, or at the very least edible, at the end of the day.

Now, it’s when I pause for a moment while doing these everyday things like cooking meals or watering my houseplants, that I appreciate all the art and science in the little everyday things in life. Working at BAFI gives me even more of these moments. I have the opportunity to continuously learn more about the world around us, and we get to share this knowledge with others too! Working with my teammates on Mind At Home and Mind S-Cool Online for the last few months has brought back to life that spark of curiosity about the small things I do at home. I hope that these projects also spark curiosity and wonder in all of you kids and kids-at-heart who are spending most of your time at home right now.

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