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Building Oneself through Art with Fchel Estanislao

I have always liked glasses. I came from an industry with experience and service as products, I wanted to sell something tangible and I wanted them to be made by hand. Hand-painted pots were kind of popular at the time. It was the year 2016 when I decided to start Glassicology, I thought instead of cement or clay pots, why not paint on glass. It took me a lot of research and trial and error when it comes to materials until I found the right ones. I would only make very few pieces but when we displayed them on bazaars, people opt to notice and get the ones I make. For a year, I would always cringe when people call me [an] artist and during that whole year I just kept on making and joining workshops to learn other media such as resin, and I would also collaborate with other artists and join bazaars. I also got featured in several TV shows, print, and online media.

I learned about BGC Art Mart during my first bazaar in Pasig. I made friends with a co-merchant and she encouraged me to apply at BGC Art Mart. I remember jumping with joy when I got accepted. It was so worth it. I would join almost every month then. I've met new artist friends and was given lots of great opportunities by joining BGC Art Mart. During bazaars, I also love it when cute dogs would check out my works. I get nervous because my items are fragile but they're just so adorable :)

I'm especially grateful to BAFI last year as we couldn't do physical bazaars. I was given the opportunity to do online workshops through the You ART not Alone (YANA) program and during Sunlife Foundation's virtual event. I felt very honored and happy to be able to do something significant for the organization and its participants.

But my very first collaboration with BAFI was in 2017 when they ordered 280 pcs. of glass coaster sets for their corporate partners. I painted the BAFI logo by hand. There were almost 20 colors for each and I would make them from dusk to dawn, every day for 2 months. Aside from my other regular single and bulk orders. It was my biggest challenge that year and it was totally worth it. After that, I would paint 700+ pieces a month. I like retelling the story. Overcoming that challenge opened more doors for me in the world of art. Thank you, BAFI. Thank you, BGC Art Mart.


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