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In my early years, I thought art and science were polar opposites.

It was because in school and everyday interactions, science and art were considered completely isolated from each other. But I secretly harbored what I thought was a rebellious idea then that somehow, they were related.

While I loved studying math and science, I am also fascinated with arts and crafts - what they are and how they are done. I found out that science and arts can work in harmony as I discovered I got a knack for both. When I was in college, I took up engineering, which is about making things work, but at the same time, I was also an active member of the multimedia production group. Those twin paths became an eye-opening experience for me as I did numbers, calculations and experimentations in my regular course, and also began to hone my artistic inclinations in the arts club that I joined. They both became the means by which I can express myself to the people around me.

Being in an organization that promotes science and art, the Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc. (BAFI), I am able to practice my engineering skills and express my love for art at the same time. Creating exhibits makes you think outside of the box. Once the team and I figure out the core idea we want to showcase, we all merge our engineering skills, science, and artistry to produce an exhibit which is both mind-puzzling and artistic at the same time. I learned that once you combine both science and the arts, you create something from the mind and the heart that people can enjoy and cherish for a long time.

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