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A Tale of Love for Art and Science

I have always loved the arts and sciences.

While I was awarded “Artist of the Year” back in elementary and high school, I was also the Science Club President. In college, I took up Philippine Arts but I also helped lead the largest network of science clubs in the country – the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs, Inc.

After college, I immediately applied for a Graduate Diploma in Archaeology, a field that studies past material culture, which fuses both science and art. During my interview, the Director asked me what my dream job is after finishing. I answered that my dream is to work in a museum managed by a non-profit organization that utilizes both the arts and sciences, where I would be doing research and exhibition, organizing events, traveling for work, and continuously learning new things. Then he said, “Where is that?” Sighing, I answered, “I don’t know. But maybe someday, there will be one and I will be working there.”

Ten years later, my boss then at an advertising agency handed me a Christmas card with The Mind Museum on its cover and said, “Here, you can keep this. I know how much you love museums.” I fell in love with the space ship-looking building right away. I checked The Mind Museum’s website and lo and behold, it is owned and managed by Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. - a non-profit art foundation! I immediately felt that thump in my heart and knew this is the work of my dreams.

Now, everything that I ever dreamed of doing has come true for more than 11 years already. As an Exhibit Manager, I am mainly involved from an exhibit’s concept to finish. I especially love the creative process that exhibitions entail. Starting with an idea, we have to make sure that each exhibit is scientifically correct, clear for the audience to understand, safe for the users, easy to operate and maintain, within budget, and lastly, a work of art. Working at the country’s first world-class science museum gave me the opportunity to work with remarkable scientists, artists, engineers, fabricators, suppliers, and artisans. While the creative cycle may be the same, each exhibit and educational product is unique! I am happy to claim that my job is never boring!

What’s more, I get to work on art projects too such as the BGC art murals, international traveling exhibitions like Van Gogh Alive and the BGC Art Mart. Currently, I host the BGC Art Mart Online, a monthly art extravaganza that links artists with communities. Usually held at the BGC Arts Center, it has now gone online due to the pandemic. Join us on BGC Art Mart Online every 3rd Friday of the month from 2-4 PM at the BGC Arts Center’s Facebook page!

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram @MindSCoolPh and subscribe to our YouTube channel Mind S-Cool,your digital marketplace for science and art ideas!

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