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A Beginning with No Ending

I enjoy being a science-storyteller.

Even as a kid, I was told I talk too much. My mom says I would ramble on and on about anything I found even remotely interesting - even if I didn’t fully understand it yet. From dinosaur names to flash freezing chicken wings and even why a katana would be impractical to fight zombies with, I’m sure that I’ve annoyed my family a lot with my “learned” stories.

Thankfully, none of them spurned my love for it all. That was the beginning and today we still have dinner table conversations like this – chatting about how Agapito Flores did not actually invent the fluorescent lamp, and how we’re not even sure if he really existed.

Science as story gives life to the facts, but they can be much more. I go back to these unusual fun facts time and again with a deeper understanding of what they present – often simply because it is fun, and always to grasp the deeper implications about our world. That’s my favorite part of being with The Mind Museum and its central organization, the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. – there are connections to be seen from facts which we can learn through stories.

Around this time of the year, we’d normally explore what goes bump in the night and why the brain pulls tricks on us with Halloween shows, sleepovers, and demonstrations. While I miss sharing stories like this in person, I’m still around to bring you wonderful pieces of art, science, and learning-at-home such as Mind-S-Cool, the Science Wonder Kits: The Sky Above & The Earth Below, and What is Nature? Everything Is! Augmented Reality Book. These are just some of the many stories I hope to continue sharing with you all – learning after all is a beginning with no ending.

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