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Making Paper Dolls and a Bahay Kubo

Safety Warning

Ask the help of a guardian in using a glue gun.



  • colored paper

  • illustration boards

  • board paper

  • barbecue sticks

  • scissors

  • glue

  • masking and double-sided tape

  • pencil

  • ruler


  • Paper Doll Templates



  1. Using a pencil, draw different shapes on your colored sheets of paper. You can also draw them on your computer and print them. For our basic model, we’re going to make a circle for the head, one large, rounded rectangle for the torso and four smaller and thinner rectangles for the legs and the arms. To connect the limbs to the torso, we’ll be using four smaller circles and you can make four more for the hands and feet.

  2. Once you're done, cut out the sketch of your paper doll.

  3. Try combining a bunch of shapes in various colors to make a dress for your doll!

  4. After putting together the pieces of the doll, tape a stick to the back of the doll to be able to hold it upright.


  1. For the Bahay Kubo, start by making your T-board. To make the T, use a ruler and a pencil to draw six squares that are six inches on all sides. Once you've made your pattern, cut it using my cutter.

  2. Now, using a ruler and a cutter, carefully run the blade along the lines and fold it to get sharper edges and to make it easier to assemble the cube. Once that’s done, use masking tape to put them together to form a cube.

  3. With the rectangles and triangles, you can build a prism. The rectangle is 6 by 4 inches while the sides of my triangle measure 4 by 4 by 6 inches and the square is the same size as the squares on our cube.

  4. Using some more tape, I’m going to stick together these sides to make the roof and I’m going to attach it onto our cube structure.

  5. Make a window, a door, and tassel-like decorations for your bahay kubo using cutout sheets of colored paper. After sticking the decorations, place barbecue sticks along the four corners of the house to maake a stand. Finally, you have your own bahay kubo.

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