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Folding a Kintsugi Paper Wheel and an Origami Mobile

Safety Warning

Be careful when using hot glue/glue gun.



  • colored paper, magazines, or scrap paper

  • scissors

  • wooden frame

  • nylon string

  • ribbon

  • metallic gold paint

  • paint brush

  • thumbtacks

  • unsharpened pencils with erasers intact

  • beads

  • ruler



  1. Use a ruler to trace and measure 6x6 inch boxes on to sheets of colored paper and magazines.

  2. Using a brush and gold paint, paint lines on the paper that mimic the cracks similar to the kintsugi. Once the paint dries, you can now draw, cut, and fold them.

  3. Taking the square papers, place a dot right at the very center of each. Then, with your ruler as a guide, draw diagonal lines from the tips of the paper to half an inch from the center dot.

  4. Using these lines as a guide, cut along them to end up with flaps you can fold.

  5. Starting at one flap, I’m going to poke a hole at the left hand side using a thumbtack. Then move to the next flap and do the same. Keep turning until you’ve punched a hole on all four sides. These will be the ones you will fold along to make your pinwheel

  6. Now you’re going to fold the part of the flaps with the hole punched through it. Using the thumbtack, hold together the folded corners by pinning together the pieces.

  7. Poked a hole through an eraser head using the same thumbtack and attach the head. Make sure to leave a little space so that your pinwheel has space to spin!


  1. Fold colored pieces of paper and magazine cutouts into the shape of butterflies and birds.

  2. Poke holes through the origami butterflies and birds.

  3. Insert a bead through the nylon and tie it securely. After that, I thread the origami into the string through the hole that you made and repeat the same process until you completed all the elements

  4. Tie your origami garlands onto your wooden frame.

  5. Finally, add a ribbon handle that can be used to hang your mobile.

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