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Mixing Paints and

Making Bubble Art

Safety Warning

Be careful when using hot glue/glue gun.



  • paint

  • straw

  • dishwashing liquid

  • cardboard paper

  • basin

  • paint brush


  1. Mix up paints in your desired colors. For this project, we made varying shades of blue as well as purple, red, orange, and yellow.

  2. Add dishwashing liquid, and a small amount of water to the paint that you mixed. You can change the concentration of your paints and water to make the colors brighter or duller and even alter the shades.

  3. Using your stirrer, mix them all together until you get a frothy mixture.

  4. With your straw, blow into your mixture until you blow bubbles.

  5. Once you have your bubbles, you can choose to run the sheet of paper over the bubbles to collect them or you may keep blowing until the bubbles overflow and land on your paper. Make sure that your table is lined to avoid spills from making a mess.

  6. Keep repeating the process until you get different layers of bubbles.

  7. When you're satisfied with your layers, let them dry for a few hours.

  8. You can choose to paint more details into your bubble painting using watercolor.

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