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Designing Paper Fans and a Picture Frame

Safety Warning

Be careful when using hot glue/glue gun.



  • Illustration board

  • chopsticks

  • glue gun and glue sticks

  • regular glue

  • paint

  • paint brushes

  • ruler

  • pencil

  • cutter

  • cutting board

  • yarn

  • paper twine

  • cotton

  • beads

  • marbles



  1. For the handle, start with a pair of chopsticks. You may also use barbecue sticks or other pieces of wood that are suitable for the fan.
    Using your hot glue gun, make lines or shapes on your handle.

  2. While the glue has not completely dried yet, stick some beads and marbles as well. Don’t forget to leave out some space for the area we’ll be attaching to the head of the fan!

  3. After gluing your embellishments, allow it to dry and you may begin painting.
    Using acrylic paint, add a base color to your handle. For this project, begin with black. Once it dries, add another layer of color. Since I want to make a tree trunk, I painted mine brown afterwards.

  4. Another option is to make a fan with a sky theme. Use blue as the base color for your handle. After that, add beads and marbles to add more embellishments.

  5. Cut out two circular pieces of illustration board for each fan. Each one is about 8 inches in diameter.

  6. For the tree fan start by creating swirling patterns with yarn. Put a dot of glue in the middle and work your way through the spirals, adding more glue as you go on. Make them in different sizes as well.

  7. Once you finish the circles, paint over them with green paint and added more beads to act as fruit.

  8. For the second fan, draw a sky and clouds on the illustration board. You may also add other drawings of your choosing to your fan if you please.

  9. After you add your designs, paint the board blue for the sky. Stick yarn and cotton to your board using hot glue in order to fill the spaces.

  10. Using your glue gun, stick together the handle and the two circular boards.


  1. For the picture frame, cut out a frame from the illustration board. Traced a picture over it and hollow it out for later on.

  2. Just like what we did for the handle, paint the frame with a base color then add some beads as embellishments.

  3. I alternated rows of beads to make it more interesting. We used beads in marbles in different designs to make it more beautiful.

  4. After the frame, put a sheet of plastic cover followed by the picture. Finally, sandwich the picture in between the frame and a piece of illustration board that has some yarn glued to it. We’re going to do this so we can hang up our picture.

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