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Painting Philippine Native Plants and Animals

Safety Warning

Be careful when using hot glue/glue gun.



  • paint

  • paint brushes

  • tape

  • cardboard paper or any sturdy paper you can paint on

  • newspapers

  • mixing plate is optional

  • Printed outlines


  • Philippine Species Outlines


  1. Download the outline of your choice from the available ones on site.

  2. Lay out your newspaper on the table before painting.

  3. Using the paint that you've mixed up, begin filling up the spaces within, or even outside the lines. You can use hard, gentle, small, and big strokes.

  4. Paint its beak and its casque with citrusy bright shades of yellow and orange and loads of red.

  5. Paint its eye a cool shade of blue and for the plumage, color it with different shades of grey and black and dabs of brown and yellow.

  6. Try painting the other outlines with colors of your choice as well!

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