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Crafting a Care Package & Mosaic Cards

Safety Warning

Ask the help of a guardian in using a crafting knife.



  • colored paper

  • scissors

  • glue

  • illustration board

  • vellum paper

  • pencil

  • ruler

  • double-sided tape o masking tape

  • cutter

  • cutting board

  • ribbon or twine


  1. Prepare a box template on a piece of illustration board and cut it out using a cutter and a cutting board. Stick it together with your choice of adhesive and trace the box on colored paper. These will serve as the base for the art you will be making later on. Trace the shape of each square onto your paper.

  2. Cut out the squares of paper that you've traced. These will serve as the base for your art later on.

  3. Using your scissors and some more colored paper, cut out strips of paper and pieces in various shapes and thickness.

  4. Arrange your cut-out strips of paper in different ways and combine several colors to make interesting patterns. You can choose to alternate thick and thin lines, arrange them in different angles, or even weave them together to make a cool mat-like look!

  5. To stick them all together use glue and double sided tape.

  6. Stick the squares to the side of your cube to decorate your care package

  7. On a piece of vellum paper, sketch some shapes or silhouettes of your choosing.

    For this project, we opted to draw a mermaid, a dwarf, an elf, and a mananaggal. 

  8. Cut out small pieces of colored paper to serves as your "tiles" and using your glue, fill in the spaces that you drew to make a mosaic-like pattern.

  9. Tie your cards and your box with ribbons for the finishing touches.

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