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Drawing Shapes with Pancakes

Safety Warning

Ask the help of a guardian in using a cooker.



  • pancake mix

  • milk

  • eggs

  • oil

  • food coloring

  • squeeze bottles

  • bowls

  • whisk

  • funnel


  1. Make the pancake batter according to package instructions. For our recipe, we added eggs, oil, and milk to pancake mix.

  2. Divide your mixture into four parts. Leave one as is and add your color of choice to each of the other parts. We chose blue, yellow, and violet for ours. Once you've mized in the colors, transfer each one to a squeeze bottle. 

  3. Heat up your skillet. When it is hot enough, you can start drawing lines and shapes using your batter in the squeeze bottle.

  4. Cook your pancakes according to the package instructions

  5. Try using your different colored batter to come up with works of art! Make lines, spirals, polka dots, hearts, and whatever you desire!  

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