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Assembling Sensory Bottle Buddy

Safety Warning

Be careful with pebbles. Don't eat them.



  • pebbles

  • marbles

  • powders

  • food coloring

  • cooking oil

  • a pitcher of water

  • liquid soap

  • a balloon


  1. Take your bottle and fill it with marbles until the bottom is thoroughly covered.

  2. After putting in your marbles, add in a handful of pebbles.

  3. In a separate bottle, fill the bottle halfway with water and add some powdered juice. Shake well and observe the change in color of the liquid!

  4. Add the juice solution to your bottle with the solids. Finally, add some oil into your bottle as well.

  5. You may also choose to add a balloon filled with air to the cap of your sensory bottle. Eyes and a mouth made of felt cloth could also be taped onto the balloon to make a face.

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