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It Pays to be Curious

The construction of The Mind Museum was my very first project involvement after college. Having been exposed to a lot of construction sites prior to this project, I never had a lot of expectations. I have always thought that all construction sites look the same, and there was nothing special about this one. But I was so wrong.

This project broke all my assumptions about construction sites, that they can also be great places for curious minds! I was amazed!

On my first day of work, I was surprised to see several construction equipment turned into real-life dinos at work – Dinocrane, Backhoesaurus. What a clever way of introducing them to someone who knew nothing about these prehistoric life forms? That was so cool and made a remarkable impact on me! That was the beginning of my pursuit of understanding our ever-changing world – its past, its present, and its future.

I started with the usual architect’s tasks during the early stages of the project. Halfway through the project, I was given the opportunity to supervise exhibit installations. With new exhibits being constructed or installed every week, I never ran out of science concepts or ideas to explore. Every day at work was a great day of learning!

It was fascinating to see real-life science in action on a scale that was easy to understand and not overwhelming. It was an incredible experience for me to try out these exhibits even before they were introduced to the public. But the most amazing part was that I had the opportunity to learn these concepts straight from their creators. The museum was already serving its purpose even before its completion. It was an experience for the books.

After the museum’s completion, I went back to the university to take my fascination with science to a whole new level. I took courses in geosciences, archaeology, and the environment. I became more interested in research, particularly in the areas of resource governance, climate-resilient development, and uncertainty, which is very helpful for my current job – to be always curious and create breakthroughs!


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