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Finding a Friend in the Arts and Sciences

In this week’s Insider’s Look, we talk to Isa Marfori, a champion of the arts and sciences and a friend of the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. She shares her love for art, her stories with BAFI throughout the years, and the reason why she continues to support our mission even during the pandemic.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Isa Marfori. I don’t work in the sciences nor do I work in the arts. I actually do marketing for pharma in Unilab. In terms of background in the sciences and the arts, no background although I enjoy the arts. I enjoy going to galleries, museums, and to a certain extent collecting the ones I can afford. Science, no background there. Although I think what The Mind Museum has done, at least in the events I have supported, has made science more fun. It’s cool.

Why do you support a Science and Art organization like BAFI? It was because you guys made it fun. It’s science fun. It’s art that is relatable. It’s now. Anyone can just enter in your events and feel like it’s something you can relate to. So I like it. Again I'm not a science person but I enjoyed watching. There was a Ben and Ben event, super bago pa lang nila, they were in The Mind Museum under the T. Rex. So it made it fun. Things like that. You guys were able to think of events that are enjoyable for everyone. From the pandemic, naisip ko na ang hirap naman kasi you guys are closed. Your grounds are closed. I want you guys to still be there when this whole pandemic ends! I guess that's also why the support continues. Everyone’s having a hard time so might as well continue helping where I can.

Why do you think organizations like BAFI are important? Do you have any personal advocacies or interests that are aligned with what the organization does?

For me mababaw lang. ‘Yun nga, it’s a lot of fun. First two Art Marts, there’s an artist I met. He was a kid, siguro high school pa lang siya. He was selling his art there. I remember buying a sketch for 2500 pesos. His name’s Zorrick Pinero. This is 3 years ago, siyempre baguhan pa siya na artist. I think Art Mart gave him a venue to showcase his art. You know now, bigtime na siya. Meron na siya nung Katinko artbox. It’s a series where it’s all these artists. He’s part of it. I follow him on Facebook and I see his paintings in hotels. For me parang, ‘Wow, BAFI helped him!’ It was an exposure for him. It was just one event but I think in the long run artists like BAFI really support. Kung iisipin mo, who would support an artist na high school? You guys could have supported someone more up and coming. Art Mart gave him a venue despite his young age to showcase his talent and that’s what happened! Many years later he’s a thing now. He’s still up and coming but pretty popular. You guys help up and coming artists and scientists like you guys to be successful.

Through organizations like this we can provide different opportunities for people to grow and be discovered like Zorrick! In relation to that, our next question: What is the best part about being a partner of a science and art organization?

The events and the people. I think it’s because Lisa’s my friend to the point that I’d go to the events where she wasn’t there but I’d be there. Parang at some point I started hanging out with the people from the museum, we’d hang out without Lisa. There was one time I was working in Single Origin, one of the Mind Movers was there working so I said, let’s work together! Lisa wasn’t there. I think it’s really the people and the passion that you guys put on your work. I guess you guys are just fun that way so why not! I guess there’s also the small acts of kindness. Like the other day Alex sent a swag bag of museum merch. I guess everyone is just welcoming to everyone else.

Are there any other programs you miss from the Museum and Arts Center?

I think the shows and concerts from the museum. I think after Ben and Ben, there’s no other musicals held in the museum. I think everything else after that was held in the Arts Center and the amphitheatre. I wish they could have more musicals in the museum itself kasi it’s a weird mix. It’s not everyday you can watch a gig under the dinosaur. It was pretty cool so I hope that happens again. Also more of the exhibits. If you guys can bring in the next big art exhibit. If you guys bring that back I’m sure that’ll be pretty cool. Even the musicals and shows in [BGC Arts Center] that would be cool also.

Any other thoughts on being a friend of the museum?

Keep it up guys! Kapit lang. I think it’s important that we still have all of you intact when all of this is over. I think what you guys do is really selfless. I guess that whole thing of being a non-profit but fun and relatable is something pretty noble and we need more like you guys!


The Mind Museum, the BGC Arts Center, & Mind S-Cool are projects of the non-profit Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. Donate now and co-champion science & art with us! For ways on how you can support our mission, please visit

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