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Curiosity does not kill; it makes you feel alive!

Our brains are funny. It’s quite funny in a way that it does weird things like try to see faces even when there aren't any or it overrules your digestive system to “always have room for dessert”, and it can even be tricked to believe something. But one good thing about our minds is that it is naturally inquisitive. Curiosity is a natural human instinct.

When I was a kid, I never had the penchant for anything specific. One day I would be picking out flowers and leaves, grinding them to extract their juices and mix up the colors, and the next day I'd be in an art program for the summer, sometimes I’d even be in swamps trying to scoop the globs of pink “bubbles” (which I later found out were snail eggs). Growing up, I never ran out of what to do next because I was either enrolled in whatever class sparked my attention, or exploring on my own.

Working with my teammates in BAFI has honed my sense of wonder and they make it so easy for me to marvel at new things, especially since we come from an assortment of backgrounds; anyone and everyone brings something to the table. That curiosity and drive to push new bounds, and champion innovation is what makes working with this family so exciting. It all started from a tweet I was curious about that led me to work here, and now I am encouraging the curiosity in the minds of visitors and audiences.

In MIND S-COOL TV, which I co-host with fellow Mind Mover Pecier, learning is indeed always an adventure! So join us wherever you are by catching our episodes on CNN Philippines TV or livestream via at 8:30AM and 4:30PM on Saturdays and Sundays! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and see past episodes for free!

Follow @MindSCoolPh on Facebook & Instagram - the digital marketplace for science and art ideas for everyone! Created by The Mind Museum and the BGC Arts Center.

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